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Netanya AACI




Exercise For Women    Mondays 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Irene Burg, a certified teacher from the Wingate Institute of Physical Education, is offering evening exercise groups to women.

This is a small group of women aged 50+ who meet once a week at Netanya AACI on Mondays from 6-7pm. We are looking for: women who have often thought about exercising but don’t want to commit to the regimen (and yearly membership cost of a gym); women who haven’t previously given a thought to exercising but who, on reading this, think it would be a good idea; women who are new to Netanya and haven’t yet decided to exercise and where to do it; women who knew about Irene’s group but have forgotten about it. Irene is Wingate-trained and is constantly learning new exercises herself which she then teaches us. We use all types of accessories – weights (only 1 kilo per weight!), balls, rubber stretch bands, sticks, chairs etc. Come and try us one Monday evening. We are a friendly group of English speakers who enjoy Irene’s Exercises & Conditioning for Women

Exercise to Prevent Osteoporosis   Thursday 8:30am - 9:30am

Orly Sasson came to Israel at the age of 16. She trained as a physiotherapist at Tel Aviv University and at Wingate Institute.

Orly specializes in exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis.
In her lessons, Orly emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and relaxation after exercising.
The classes for women only are accompanied by soothing music


..because we choose to live in Israel

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