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No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story
10.30am Sunday 23 April
The story that’s never been told about Anne Frank reveals new information about her father Otto and his struggle to obtain visas and save his family during the Holocaust. The world turned its back on the Franks who were denied refugee status in several countries including the United States. In No Asylum the Franks family relates their struggle before the attic. Otto Frank’s recently discovered letters reveal, for the first time, the family’s plight.
Otto made desperate attempts to secure American visas for his family but very few Jewish refugees were accepted. His pleas for exit visas were rejected and the world turned its back on him, one country at a time. The Franks, with no asylum and no hope, remained helpless as Hitler and his men destroyed their family one by one.
Today, 70 years after her death, Anne Frank is a great icon of tolerance, especially to young people. She transcends cultures and borders.
The universal message of never again has great relevance today. No Asylum asks if society will look away or finally take action when atrocities due to prejudice and discrimination occur.
We are screening this film the day before Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day.
Members pre-paid NIS 20   Members at Door NIS 30   Non-members NIS 40
Babi Ya’ar: 75 Years Ago
Commemorating the Babi Yar mass murder of 1941 - a trilogy with history, Jewish symphonic music, film
8.00pm Thursday 27 April
Far more than 100,000 people, were massacred in a few months by Nazis and Ukrainians in the ravine of Babi Yar, in the first few days most of them were Jews. Last year a Memorial Service was held in Kiev with two compositions by Dr Baruch Berliner, an Israeli-Swiss composer. They combine murder and hope in a unique musical way.
After a brief introduction we will screen the film of this Memorial Concert, complemented by photographic insights into contemporary Jewish life of Kiev. Short cinematic transitions show a family on the long death journey to the place of execution. The film closes with a scene of hope: the smile of a little girl.
The music: Cain & Abel, the 4th part of the Genesis (Beresheet) symphony, with narrator and orchestra, an emotionally very strong scoring of the first murder in history.
Abraham. Oratory for choir, orchestra and narrator: Hope is the musical interpretation of Parshat Lech Lecha, as Abraham Avinu is promised to become a great nation.
Baruch Berliner, a mathematician, former senior researcher at Tel Aviv University, author of thousands of poems in several languages, will talk briefly about his music.
Members pre-paid NIS 30  Members at Door NIS 40 Non-members NIS 50

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