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Remember Baghdad  Film Screening followed by talk with Oded Amit   7.30pm Wednesday 13 June
Using a unique archive of powerful home movies and photos alongside public source news footage, Fiona Murphy’s highly acclaimed documentary film explores the history of five families from the Jewish community in Iraq as the arc of their lives goes from unbounded optimism and prosperity to persecution and terrified escape.
At the start of this story, the 2,600 year-old Jewish community in Iraq is flourishing, with ministers in government, officers in the army and invitations to the best parties.
We learn that Iraq, once the pre-eminent center of learning in the Jewish world, was also one of the most diverse places on earth, more tolerant of its minorities than any European nation.
We follow the characters as their lives expand under the puppet regime installed by the British, as they survive a Nazi-inspired coup in 1941, the creation of Israel in 1948 (which necessitated the dramatic departure of 120,000 Jews), the massacre of the Royal family in 1958, the arrival of the Ba’ath Party in 1963 and the catastrophic consequences of the Six Day War with Israel in 1967. Today, following decades of war and instability, we see North Londoner Edwin Shuker return to the country he loved, where he hopes to buy a house in Baghdad so that he can say “the Jews have not all gone”. His intention is to plant a seed of hope for the future.
The film will be followed by a talk given by Oded Amit who, as a young man, experienced terrible persecution in Iraq, but managed to escape with his sister to Tel Aviv in 1970, via Iran, in order to join their relatives in Israel.
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