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..because we choose to live in Israel

Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132 

Tel: 09 833 0950     FAX: 09 862 9183     email:  info@netanyaaaci.org.il 

Chiropractic and Wellness     10.30am Sunday 4 November
Dr. April Azmon was born and raised in the United States. After obtaining her B.S. in Biology from Shippensburg University, she went on to attend New York Chiropractic College. During her time there she discovered her passion for nutrition and wellness, as well as her love of healing and educating her patients on how to encourage optimal performance of their bodies. Dr. Azmon practiced as a licensed Chiropractor with Physical Therapy privileges in Baltimore, MD for two years until 2009, when she married Dr. Erez Azmon whom she met in Chiropractic school, and subsequently made Aliyah. Spine Tuning, their joint clinic, opened it's doors to serve the public in 2011. She has three "well adjusted" children, ages 5, 3 and 1
Forgotten Carnage: The Long, Long Shadow of The Great War  
10.30am Sunday 11 November

Dr. Howard D. Berger is a recent oleh and new member of Netanya AACI. He received a BA and an MA in History at The George Washington University. He was Professor of History and Holder of the John Weyerhaeuser Chair in American History and retired in 2018 from the College of Idaho. Howard’s lecture is scheduled for the Centenary of Armistice 1918-2018 .No one on the planet: no one from France, from England, from Canada, from Australia, from the United States, no Jew and no Christian, should ever forget the monumental significance of the numbers: 11/11/11/1918. Everything on this planet changed because of what those numbers represent.
Corbyn and Anti-Semitism: An Israeli Perspective    10.30am Sunday 18 November
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He was in the UK in October speaking about Jeremy Corbyn and anti-Semitism from an Israeli perspective and the dangers to British Jews and to Israel.
Barry will be sharing his presentation with Netanya AACI.
Why is Alexander the Great responsible for Sufganiot?   10.30am Sunday 2 December
Dr. Mervyn Leviton has been an educator with special expertise in Jewish Religious Education. He was a teacher and headteacher at Jewish schools in England and received his PhD from the University of London for his doctoral research into the effect of Jewish primary schools on family life.
As we prepare to light the first candle for Chanukah  Mervyn will trace the effects of Hellenism on the Jews of Israel.
All Sunday morning Coffee and… lectures:
Members NIS 15
Non-members NIS 25