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..because we choose to live in Israel

Beit Oleh America Netanya AACI, 28  Shmuel  Hanatziv, Netanya, 4228132 

Tel: 09 833 0950     FAX: 09 862 9183     email:  info@netanyaaaci.org.il 

1917 From Palestine to the Land of Israel   10.30am Sunday 2 April
Meet a fascinating cast of characters as Barry Shaw, the author of an epic and significantly timed new book, tells us tales about important figures from Chaim Weizmann to Zeev Jabotinsky.    Was there a connection between Lawrence of Arabia and Sarah Aaronsohn from Zichron Yaakov?    How and why a Christian Zionist is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Israel.   Hear some of the amazing stories of heroism and villainy in Palestine a hundred years ago.
Learn anecdotes and tales from an epic period of the early struggle for Zionism in a war-torn Palestine.   Barry will explain the relevance between what happened in Jerusalem a century ago and Israel’s experience today.
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
Signed copies of Barry’s books will be available for sale at a discounted price of 55 NIS, 2 for 100 NIS.
No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story
10.30am Sunday 23 April
Please note there is no lecture scheduled as we are screening a film for Holocaust Memorial Day.
There is Always Hope  10.30am Sunday 7 May
Fernanda Shapira was recruited as a teenager and trained as a professional military spy by a group of Israeli secret agents during the Essek Bish. Fernanda was betrayed and fell in the hands of hostile authorities who tortured her and turned her life into a nightmare.
The operation ultimately became known as the Lavon Affair after the Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon was forced to resign as a consequence of the incident. Before Lavon's resignation, the incident had been euphemistically referred to in Israel as the "Unfortunate Affair" or "The Bad Business” (Essek Bish). Israel publicly denied any involvement in the incident for 51 years.
The surviving agents were officially honored in 2005 by being awarded certificates of appreciation by Israeli President Moshe Katzav.
Join us to hear Fernanda’s personal experience.
All Sunday morning Coffee and… lectures:
Members NIS 15
Non-members NIS 25