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Jumping Over Shadows    7.30pm Sunday 9 July
Meet the Author  Annette Gendler
When Annette falls in love with a Jewish man in Germany in 1985, history is repeating itself. Her great-aunt Resi had been married to a Jew in Czechoslovakia before World War II and, while that marriage was happy, there were tremendous difficulties for the extended family once the Nazis took over their hometown. While Resi’s marriage did not withstand the pressures of the Nazi era, Annette and Harry’s love was the ultimate nightmare for his family of Holocaust survivors. Weighed down by the burdens of their family histories, she and Harry kept their relationship secret until they could forge a path into the future. Annette describes the borders and meeting points between Judaism and Christianity, Germans and Jews, American Jews and Israeli Jews.
Annette will also speak about becoming a Jew in post-war Germany and will answer questions.
Members pre-paid NIS 20   Members at Door NIS 30   Non-members NIS 40

Silent Letter  10.30am Tuesday 8 August
Yitzchak Mayer was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1934. His first memory is the bombing of the town on 10 May 1940 and what he believed were madmen, whom he watched from the window, shouting in Flemish "Jews out!" At the outbreak of World War II, his family fled, were captured in France, then escaped and lived under cover until his father was caught and deported to Auschwitz, where he died. His mother eventually found refuge in Switzerland with her two sons. They landed illegally in Palestine in May 1946, having been evicted from Switzerland. Yitzchak Mayer wrote Silent Letter for his mother 70 years later. It is the virtual letter she virtually sent into the unknown and where his father virtually followed their escape route. It is a rare book that recounts an unforgettable chapter of history but also has powerful contemporary relevance as it confronts the saga of desperation, of people on the run trying to escape from danger and certain death, driven by hope and the dream of finding and arriving at a safe place. Yitzchak Mayer has had a varied career, first teaching and then becoming Consul General in Montreal, Ambassador in Belgium and Ambassador in Switzerland.
Members pre-paid NIS 25  Members at Door NIS 35  Non-members NIS 45

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