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Prepare for Passover Qigong Seminar 10.00am Thursday 6 April
Passover is a time for cleaning. Getting the chametz out of our lives is not just the bread crumbs in the kitchen. Eliminating the yeast is not just from the food.
We must also clean out that which is causing our body to ferment and raise or bloat. Many times stress is heightened in our lives because of getting ready for Passover.
We have created a special Prepare for Passover Qigong Seminar.
This special single class will be taught by visiting Qigong instructor John Monro, Secretary of The New Zealand Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine Association. He has a Diploma in Chi Kung (Qigong) and a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sometimes it is hard for us to identify exactly what it is that is blocking us in either physical or mental/emotional terms, but we can identify the energy sensation of the problem. By working with this energy sensation we encourage our mind and body to work together to resolve the problem. In order to do this we need plenty of fresh energy to cleanse and renew ourselves. Connecting to heaven and earth provides an abundant supply of this energy and can provide the means to make changes in your body and your life. We can use our qigong practice to direct our body to clean, relax, heal and renew parts of our bodies that may need repair and maintenance. We can also use it to clear patterns of thinking and emotion that may be causing us to become stuck in life.
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