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Efraim Cohen served as an American diplomat for nearly a quarter of a century, including postings to London, Capetown, La Paz, Baghdad and two tours at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.  Ephraim is a Graduate of Yeshiva University and Harvard Law School.  He was a law professor before joining the diplomatic corps. He is a Fellow of the Bar-IlanUniversity Center for International Communication; Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC Herzliya); Board member of the Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers (CoHaV) and volunteer guide at the Museum of the First Aliyah in Zichron Yaacov.

The US Presidential elections will be over and Efraim will give us insights into what he believes the next administration will be doing and what he thinks it should be doing – but with the caveat that one never really knows what to expect.

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