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Netanya AACI


Invisible Jews: Surviving the Holocaust in Poland   10:30 am Tuesday 10 April
Netanya AACI member Eddie Bielawski was born in mid-1938 in Poland, he is probably one of the youngest Holocaust survivors with any memory of the war years. The Bielawski family survived the Holocaust by becoming invisible. After the war, they moved to Canada via Vienna.

Eddie has a B.A. in English and was a high school teacher in Canada for four years and in Netanya, Israel, for 38 years, where he retired and still resides with his wife. He has three children and ten grandchildren, all living in Israel.
After many years of preferring not to talk about his childhood, Eddie recently published his memoirs. Join us to hear his harrowing story, as we prepare ourselves for Holocaust Memorial day.

“What distinguishes this extraordinary narrative of survival through the Holocaust is the fact that Yitzhak Bielawski, the author's father, managed to keep his entire family safe and alive. Most incredibly, he built bunker after bunker and hiding place after hiding place, where for three years (1941-1944) they managed to overcome suffering and deprivation. With incredible endurance, they survived the ordeal with great resilience, to restart their lives in a new and more tolerant environment." Jack Cohen

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