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FROM OTTOMANS TO ISRAELIS  -  Lecture series with Elkan D Levy
Elkan D. Levy was until his Aliyah in 2011 the Director of the Office for Small (Jewish) Communities, responsible for 70 communities in the UK, from Truro to Margate and from Bognor to north of Aberdeen. A solicitor for 30 years, he also served as President of the United Synagogue from 1996-99. Educated in London, Israel and New York, Elkan is well known as a dynamic lecturer who is deeply interested in British and World Jewry, its past and its future. He believes passionately in the unity of the Jewish people.

Sowing In Tears & Reaping In Joy: The Creation Of The State Of Israel
8.00pm Thursday 6 October
Less than fifty-one years after Herzl convened the First Zionist Congress at Basle, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the formation of the State of Israel on Friday 14 May 1948. The intervening years had been a roller-coaster of achievements and disappointments, and the supreme horror of the Holocaust. Only two days before the meeting, the People’s Council had voted by the smallest of margins to declare independence. No one knew the name of the new state until Ben-Gurion announced it. Britain was a reluctant agent, but the State of Israel emerged. This lecture traces the background and personalities leading to one of the greatest Jewish events of all time.

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