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Netanya AACI



Netanya AACI has revised and enhanced the Netanya Directory.

English speaking newcomers and longtime residents, who find it difficult to cope with telephone directories, web sites and similar Hebrew resources, should find this directory an invaluable aid.

The basic information in previous editions of the Directory has been extended to include websites and e-mail addresses wherever possible.  If anyone using the directory finds an error or has additional information that may make the data more complete please email info@netanyaaaci.org.il.   As we are now publishing an online version, revisions can easily be made and we won't have to wait ten years for next update!

The online Directory is being published in sections as downloads in pdf format.

The first sections are now available and other will follow.  Each section can be accessed each time you want it through its website link or may be saved on your own computer for faster, offline, access.

Many thanks to volunteers who have put information together and worked on its presentation Belle Lerman, Charlotte Sunshine, Nadia Rance, Charles Lewis and our wonderful webmaster Anthony Felix

The sections available now are:-

Click each to download and save if you want to keep the data available on your own computer.

..because we choose to live in Israel

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Tel: 09 833 0950     FAX: 09 862 9183     email:  info@netanyaaaci.org.il