Box office Outings

The Michael Jackson Experience

8.30pm Tuesday 5 February

Heichal Hatarbut, Netanya

Michael Firestone’s performance as Michael Jackson is fantastic and  very convincing.


8.30pm Monday 11 February
Venue: Herzlia Theater

New show featuring the greatest Jewish composers and their hits of all times.

Fiddler On The Roof – Ballet

Fiddler On The Roof-Ballet 8.30pm Tuesday 26 February Herzlia Theater Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Jerusalem Ballet company presents a full length neo-classical ballet choreographed


Into The Woods

7.30pm Sunday 17 March

LOGON (The Light Opera Group of the Negev) will be staging Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s multi-award winning musical Into the Woods

Venue: Arik Einstein Cultural Center,
6 Benny Berman Street,

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