Netanya AACI Local Information

Recycling: Where to Put What?

Collection Bin Recyclable Items
Orange Plastic bags, cleaning product plastic containers,

plastic shampoo/toiletry bottles, metal cans, foil,

paper milk containers, plastic containers from food products, wrappers from food (chips, crackers etc.), metal and plastic lids from bottles and containers, styrofoam, toothpaste containers, aluminum disposable pans, plastic disposable cups.

If in doubt, use orange container.

This container is sorted.

Blue or Gray Paper, newspapers, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, light weight paper boxes, pizza boxes, egg containers (cardboard), cereal boxes and other similar paper boxes.

Heavy cardboard boxes are not put in this box.

Metal Cage Plastic (water, soda) bottles only; not bottles for deposit.

Lids go in orange box.


(type of container may vary)

Glass bottles, jars, etc., without metal or plastic lids.

Glass containers vary: oil, wine, glass bottles for any liquid, jars etc.

Brown Some areas may collect organic/food waste.

Neighborhoods in Netanya that do this are Givat Halrisim and Galei Yam

Netanya AACI has a container in the front entrance for used batteries.

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