Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI is very proud to be the administrator of four scholarship funds:

Zvi and Rose Sabath Memorial Fund was established to aid needy IDF graduates to obtain a higher education. Although the Sabaths are no longer with us, their memory lives on in the mitzvah this fund provides.

 Geraldine Bork Memorial Fund
for needy and deserving students earning degrees in engineering and technical fields.

Judith Fink Memorial Fund was set up by the Fink family in memory of their daughter. It grants financial assistance to talented students wishing to study music or the arts.

Albert Rathner Memorial Fund a new fund to help students with university expenses.

Bessie Render Memorial Fund benefits deserving elementary, junior and high school students. During the last few years, the Fund has also helped local schools finance special projects.

Last year twelve scholarships totaling NIS 19,800 were awarded to students who are children or grandchildren of AACI members. The Bessie Render Fund gave NIS 9000 to local community centers to help needy children.

Beit Oleh America and Canada in Netanya, Netanya AACI’s Scholarship Committee takes its responsibility very seriously and all applications are thoroughly reviewed. Only applications from current AACI members will be accepted.

Scholarships are for academically recognized first degrees only.
The scholarships are not for Masters or pre-academic studies.

Scholarship forms must be submitted by 15 September each year.
A photocopy of your AACI membership is required.

To receive a scholarship form, send an email to: